Our Story

One of Jerad’s close friends and colleague was diagnosed with leukemia and after many consultations with doctors, reached the conclusion that the medication he was prescribed to treat the leukemia was affecting him negatively and having a detrimental effect on his body, enabling the disease to progress quickly.

Aware of Jerad’s keen and avid interest in treatments that were considered alternative, complementary or integrative, his friend enlisted his help and support in finding a new therapy to help him deal with the cancer in his body.

Finding the root cause of the affliction is paramount to healing and through his own research and discoveries Jerad focused his attention on energy and frequency treatments.  After diligent analysis, Jerad selected a therapy that was designed to alleviate his friend’s symptoms through frequency technology.

Jerad002-200x300He used this frequency treatment to balance and harmonize his friend’s body which successfully culminated in a full and natural recovery from a life threatening illness. His friend was restored to a healthy state which he maintains to this day. The healing of Jerad’s friend was directly attributable to the frequency therapy treatments and a healthy diet that included essential nutrients for the body.

The devastating health issue of his friend and subsequent research into the technology of healing were the catalysts that spurred Jerad to introduce Life Light Therapy to the healthcare community. However, he still was not satisfied.  During his research, Jerad had opened the door on a number of promising and viable treatment options and to fulfill his growing passion he founded the Organic Pharmacy Research Institute (OPRI) to further research, study and develop these new and complementary technologies.

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