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As a non-profit, OPRI relies on the tax-deductible donations of individuals and corporations to fund its R&D efforts.   Current initiatives can be reviewed in the PROJECTS section of this site.  If the project you selected becomes fully funded, your contribution will be added to the General Fund to support the ongoing mission of OPRI.

To make a tax-deductible financial contribution, please contact us at or call us at 844-334-9940.

OPRI is also involved in other activities that benefit from financial contributions.  Below is a list of such opportunities available for direct contributions.

 Thank you for your support!

Life Light Foundation

LifeLight_FFIn addition to its R&D endeavors,  OPRI and its sister organization, Life Light Wellness Centers, have teamed up to sponsor Life Light Foundation – dedicated to providing FREE complementary health care solutions to children and underprivileged families across the country.  Life Light Foundation’s vision is to open a facility in every major city, in every State providing world class complementary health care solutions.  Every dollar donated goes to the treatment of a child or family member in need.

Frequency No. 4

iStock_000013761338_MediumRenee Allman, along with her brother, researcher Jerad Sanders, developed Frequency No.4 to be a leading brand of organic products that naturally treat and maintain resilient, healthy skin.  Its first product release, a frequency processed luxury facial oil, has received wide acclaim improving the skin and providing a youthful appearance.  Funding is needed to develop additional Frequency No. 4 products, such as soaps, body scrubs, and lip balms.  All profits from the sale of Frequency No.4 products are donated to the Life Light Foundation.

General Fund

logoOPRI is an R&D organization that accomplishes most of its work through the diligence of its staff.  For that reason, salaries comprise a large part of the overall budget.  Our staff attends conferences, develops networks of experts in a variety of fields, researches new frontiers in medicine and science, and travels as needed to investigate innovative complementary solutions.

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