EMF Therapy


Through the convergence of biology and physics a novel approach, known as Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Therapy,  has proven highly effective in a diverse range of therapeutic applications without side-effects or adverse reactions.

In contrast to expensive and invasive surgeries, or other medical procedures that are accompanied by unavoidable negative consequences such as conventional radiation therapies, Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Therapy acts to excite the frequencies of biological molecules to promote positive cellular activities.

EMF therapy re-energizes damaged cells by inducing electromagnetic frequencies within cells that restore them to their normal, healthy state. This results in a boost in cellular metabolism, the regeneration of blood cells, and improved circulation. As a more conservative, yet often more effective treatment, EMF can directly influence the body’s systemic defense and repair mechanisms and non-invasively balance the body’s cellular vibratory circuits, essentially jump-starting the body’s own disease rejection process.

 EMF has the potential to provide a non-invasive and non-toxic method to improve the health and reduce pain for people suffering from an endless list of illnesses, everything from migraine headaches to chronic Lyme disease to fibromyalgia.

 EMF therapy has seen success in those that have been diagnosed with diseases that cause conditions such as pain, inflammation, arthritis, degeneration, neuropathies, etc.  Research has documented rapid health improvements and disease remission, demonstrating that under the appropriate conditions the disease fighting and repair processes of the body can eliminate the negative aspects of even the most aggressive ailments. EMF therapy can therapeutically manage cancer by “resetting” the body similar to the way electrical defibrillators “reset” heart function.

EMF can be used as a whole body therapy or used on localized areas and patients often notice improvement within just one or two treatments.

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