Musical abstract

Bio Acoustics, literally translated, means “life sounds”. All things are made from energy and resonate at different frequencies, including the human body and all of its components. Bones, tissue, toxins, pathogens, amino acids, bacteria, vitamins, minerals, etc., are all made from the same building blocks with different frequencies values. Bioacoustic Biology is the field of research involving the use of acoustic-wave, frequency-based biomarkers and the effects different frequencies have on the body.

Dr. Sharry Edwards, MEd, recipient of the International Association of New Scientist New Scientist of the Year and the O. Spurgeon English Humanitarian Award, developed an extraordinary technology which she describes as a unifying relationship between mathematics, brainwave patterns, biochemical cascades, musical scales, vocal coherence, low frequency sound and health. Human BioAcoustics™ is a sound-based approach used to identify those frequencies specific to each person. A listening program analyzes an individual’s Voice Print and identifies specific imbalanced frequencies. These frequencies correlate to bio-chemicals, hormones, muscles, vertebra, toxins, vitamins and minerals.

After decades of human trials, Voice Print technology can now be used to derive a Frequency Equivalent and develop a pattern of sound frequencies to “feed” back to the body to trigger its natural ability to heal itself. Voice Printing is a simple and noninvasive mode of recognizing these fingerprint-like frequencies.

By analyzing the voice, Dr. Edwards has accomplished many outstanding successes including; re-growing a knee cap, restoring macular degeneration eyesight, rebuilding muscle which has been atrophied through serious injury and remodeling chronically damaged lungs due to smoke inhalation.

BioAcoustics™ is an easy and non-invasive way to achieve and maintain balance. It can be used to support the optimal form and function of the body and is also a perfect complement to any wellness program. Implementation of BioAcoustics™ has benefitted people of all ages and backgrounds and can help individuals suffering from a wide range of health and wellness issues.

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