OPRI is currently focused on efforts to further develop energy and frequency based therapies that are designed to target the root cause of an ailment or affliction. These methods create a harmonizing effect on the human body without negative side effects. Commonly referred to as “frequency healing” or “frequency medicine”, frequency based technologies have been around for decades. OPRI’s research and development efforts are on the leading edge of a technology that is becoming more integrated with traditional western technologies. Considered to be a complementary or integrative therapy, many patients have had symptoms greatly alleviated through the use of frequency based therapies.

Over the past few years significant discoveries have been made in the area of non-invasive therapies and complementary medicines and therapies that aren’t created artificially. There is also overwhelming research that indicates not only do artificially created treatments harm instead of heal our bodies, but even the artificial ingredients in common foods play a role in disrupting the body’s natural healing ability.

OPRI is looking ahead to develop and discover solutions for diseases and ailments that are non-toxic and based on naturopathic remedies that don’t harm the body while trying to heal it. Most medications today are hard on various organs, and over time have a negative effect on the patient. Even treatments like chemotherapy and radiation cause damage to the body to a certain degree while addressing the more acute and immediate problem of cancer.

While traditional medical treatments are the best we have had to work with, they simply aren’t sufficient. Breakthroughs like those being researched by OPRI are demonstrated to be very effective as complementary therapies, and many times found to be even more effective when used independent of treatments that are accompanied by negative side-effects.

Over time, innovative and revolutionary therapy paradigms are uncovered that take the medical community in entirely new directions. OPRI is actively working on the development of new technologies that go far beyond that of frequency based therapies.

It is our vision to work on the development of cures for the world’s major ailments and diseases with the goal of one day eradicating illness allowing everyone, regardless of their financial situation, to maintain and sustain a healthy, well balanced body. For those diseases and research initiatives with a more robust R&D pipeline rests the hope of new treatment paradigms.

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